Director, producer, photographer, drone pilot. Used to work in many fields, including conservation. Founded Eco Films years ago for one main reason: get himself an interesting job,an opportunity to produce films that matter and are fun to make..

Giorgi Vatsadze

DOP. The most experienced and skillful cameraman of them all. Vatsa used to work for numerous TV and film productions, participated in many award-winning productions.

Assistant producer. Teo is a multimedia freelance journalist. Among many other things, communicating with foreign and local clients, getting permissions for shootings and planning the interviews is what she does the best.  

Nika Kerdikoshvili, AC

AC, wildlife consultant

Nika is a zoologist by background, knows every distant corner of Georgia; he is a great field worker and absolutely priceless person when it comes to filming animals somewhere in the wilderness.

Alisa Sanakoeva

Intern. Youngest member of our team, she already has some achievements in entomology. She makes research and is in charge of all bugs and small creatures that are filmed in studio. She has joined us specially for “Jara“

Shurik Avsajanishvili

Technician, engineer, and most experienced hiker Shurik (Alexander) is both tech expert of EcoFilms (meaning he repairs and invents lots of things) and location scouter.

AC and documentary photographer. Erekle travels a lot around Georgia and never leaves his camera at home. His award-winning photos are described as “photos that tell stories”.