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Javakheti Protected Areas – Videoreel

Status: completed, 2015 Produced by EcoFilms Commisioned by Agency of Protected Areas Financed by Deutsche Zusammenbereit, KfW, Caucasus Nature Fund Director Nika Tsiklauri Camera: Giorgi Vatsadze, Nika Tsiklauri Post-production: Paata Kakhadze Field assistants: Nika Kerdikoshvili, Dato Odishelidze Assistant Producer: Natia Chomakhidze Making of

Eco Tourism in Ajara

Eco-tourism in Ajara advertisement

Eco-tourism in Ajara, Georgia For Eco Tours Georgia Financed by Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme Status: completed, 2015 Making of Director Nika Tsiklauri Camera: Giorgi Vatsadze Additional footage by Zura Javakhishvili, Nika Tsiklauri Aerials: Nika Tsiklauri, Giorgi Vatsadze Field assistants: Giorgi Kavtaradze, Nika Kerdikoshvili, Dato Odishelidze Local fixer: Jimsher Mamuchadze Assistant Producer: Natia Chomakhidze Cast: Aliona…

Javakheti National Park

We are preparing for filming a promotional video in Javakheti National Park. It’s new park to be officially opened in June 2015 and it’s just amazing place to visit! Will begin filming in a week or so, in the meantime enjoy some photos from our archive.