National Tourism Agency photo assignment

After long negotiations and preparations we finally got photo assignment contract with Georgian National Tourism Administration. Shortlisted locations (regions only): Khevsureti, Khevi, Svaneti, Kakheti (Akhmeta, Telavi, Kvareli, Lagodekhi, Dedoflistskaro), Adjara, Racha-Lechkhumi, Shida Kartli… It’s going to be a very interesting job.


EcoFilms goes to Gyumri

Just got the good news: one of our project, Sheep and Shepherds of Georgia, was chosen by selection board of Documentary Scriptwriting Workshop in Armenia! November 22 to December 05 we will work on our project, develop it and maybe get some international partners! Wish us some luck:)

EcoFilms in bear trap!

While working on a big photo assignment in Racha region, nearby Shaori Lake, Nika Tsiklauri was captured by huge bear trap. Here are some of press coverage links: Poaching is still a huge problem in Georgia, though it’s better than it was some years ago. Working in the field, even in many of…


Shepherds in Kvemo Kartli

Great news – EcoFilms was selected by Mercy Corps to create a big documentary about shepherds of Kvemo Kartli region. Starting from Kakheti we will follow them on the seasonal migration to the summer pastures, filming their everyday life. Film will be finished by winter, after shepherds will embark on the journey back to the…


Upcoming project: “Jara”

There is a new project coming soon – large-scale wildlife documentary called “Jara”. It’s a traditional Georgian hive used mainly in western part of the country to attract wild swarms. Film is in pre-production stage, funded by variety of donors, including WWF Georgia and CNF. We are still seeking for additional funding though. Please visit…


National Geographic Studios project is over

This is not just a bunch of crazy guys. It’s EcoFilms, purely awesome crew that just returned home from two-week long trip, working for National Geographic Studios. The show “The Great Human Race” will be aired in spring 2016 and it will feature most beautiful landscapes of Svaneti and Imereti (no more spoilers so far).…