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Javakheti Protected Areas – Videoreel

Status: completed, 2015 Produced by EcoFilms Commisioned by Agency of Protected Areas Financed by Deutsche Zusammenbereit, KfW, Caucasus Nature Fund Director Nika Tsiklauri Camera: Giorgi Vatsadze, Nika Tsiklauri Post-production: Paata Kakhadze Field assistants: Nika Kerdikoshvili, Dato Odishelidze Assistant Producer: Natia Chomakhidze Making of

EcoFilms - making of Jara


Documentary, 60 mins. Status: in production. Premiere scheduled: December 2016. “Jara” is our biggest ongoing project. The movie “Jara” is a one-year journey through the wild nature of Ajara. It tells how bees from the jara hung in the forest see beauty and ruthlessness of nature, people and their intervention, peaceful co-existence or conflict with them;…

The Road

The Road

Documentary, 52 min. Status: completed, 2014. Available on DVDs. Available on Georgia is one of the last countries in the world where transhumance, a seasonal movements of people with sheep between summer and winter pastures, is still alive. Lowland steppe hosts winter camps but now it’s may already and heat causes diseases, snakes kill…

Javakheti National Park

We are preparing for filming a promotional video in Javakheti National Park. It’s new park to be officially opened in June 2015 and it’s just amazing place to visit! Will begin filming in a week or so, in the meantime enjoy some photos from our archive.

"Jara" the fim

Upcoming project: “Jara”

There is a new project coming soon – large-scale wildlife documentary called “Jara”. It’s a traditional Georgian hive used mainly in western part of the country to attract wild swarms. Film is in pre-production stage, funded by variety of donors, including WWF Georgia and CNF. We are still seeking for additional funding though. Please visit…

Shepherds in Kvemo Kartli

Great news – EcoFilms was selected by Mercy Corps to create a big documentary about shepherds of Kvemo Kartli region. Starting from Kakheti we will follow them on the seasonal migration to the summer pastures, filming their everyday life. Film will be finished by winter, after shepherds will embark on the journey back to the…