Eco Tourism in Ajara

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Eco-tourism in Ajara, Georgia For Eco Tours Georgia Financed by Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme Status: completed, 2015 Making of Director Nika Tsiklauri Camera: Giorgi Vatsadze Additional footage by Zura Javakhishvili, Nika Tsiklauri Aerials: Nika Tsiklauri, Giorgi Vatsadze Field assistants: Giorgi Kavtaradze, Nika Kerdikoshvili, Dato Odishelidze Local fixer: Jimsher Mamuchadze Assistant Producer: Natia Chomakhidze Cast: Aliona…

Time of the shepherds

Time of the Shepherds

There is no compromise – you keep the sheep in the mountains of Georgia, you have to follow the old paths. Yet, it is XXI century and new rules come into force. Among other shepherds there is David, the brightest and toughest man on the block, owner of big flock. And there is his team…

The Road

The Road

Documentary, 52 min. Status: completed, 2014. Available on DVDs. Available on Georgia is one of the last countries in the world where transhumance, a seasonal movements of people with sheep between summer and winter pastures, is still alive. Lowland steppe hosts winter camps but now it’s may already and heat causes diseases, snakes kill…

EcoFilms - making of Jara


Do yourself a favor – hire a local fixer. When working in Georgia things are never smooth unless you are tuned to our lifestyle. Yes, Georgians are friendly and no, they don’t really care; about almost nothing. Scheduled interviews are drifting in time; drivers don’t show up; you discover rental kit is totally different from…


Production Eco Films does all filming work including camera, sound work and aerials.We upload footage to cloud storage so that client can download it. Eco Films can provide extra members to your team: cameramen, ACs, sound, drone pilots. Our gear is also available for rental, but only when our men are on set. Supporting the…

EcoFilms - Post-production


After filming is done there are always lots of things to be finished: translate interviews, finalize paperwork, sort footage, sort release forms, prepare financial reports, etc. Our Tbilisi office will be happy to help you with all this routine even after you leave the county.

National Geographic EcoFilms

National Geographic Studios project is over

This is not just a bunch of crazy guys. It’s EcoFilms, purely awesome crew that just returned home from two-week long trip, working for National Geographic Studios. The show “The Great Human Race” will be aired in spring 2016 and it will feature most beautiful landscapes of Svaneti and Imereti (no more spoilers so far).…

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National Geographic Studios arriving soon!

Great news, was undisclosed so far: from tomorrow on we are working with National Geographic Studios (Washington, DC), on filming an episode of “The Great Human Race”! Filming locations will be in Western Georgia, it will take two weeks and it will be just amazing (no spoilers though)! Here is an article about the show: